Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Variable, depending on your 90 day(s) sales volume.


Though it was only manufactured for a very short time, the DeLorean DMC-12 is one of the most recognizable cars ever made. More than 35 years after the first DeLorean rolled off the assembly line, we’re doing our part to continue the legacy with the DMC Alpha watch collection.

While DMC Alpha watches pay tribute to the DeLorean’s iconic design from the 1980s, they are built with today’s tastes in mind.

Retro in spirit but contemporary in execution.

Terms & Conditions 

As a DMC Watches affiliate you are expected to protect our brand and act as an ambassador in your promotion of us.

Affiliates are encouraged to check their emails on a regular basis for important updates from the Affiliate Team that will ensure their promotions are aligned with the terms below. 

Social Media 

• Botting is forbidden 

• Intercepting DMC Watches and customer interactions is forbidden 

• Promoting expired, false or incorrect offers or information is forbidden 


• Only official DMC Watches images provided by the Affiliate Account Manager are to be used, if you need an image please request one 

• Images of out of stock or discontinued items are not to be promoted 

Ad Copy 

• Only official ad copy is to be communicated to consumers 

• Any expired offers or discounts that feature in ad copy are to be removed from site upon the day of expiry

 Discounts & Vouchers 

• Expired discounts and vouchers must be removed from your website upon the day of expiry

• Expired discounts and vouchers must not be communicated in any means or form to consumers 

• Only official discounts and vouchers communicated by the Affiliate Account Manager may be promoted by an affiliate 

• Discounts and Vouchers may not be promoted as being eligible to be combined with another form of discount, voucher or cashback unless explicitly stated by the Affiliate Account Manager 

Bulk Orders 

• DMC Watches reserve the right to refuse commission on wholesale orders 


• Affiliates must update ad copy that features in search
engine page results to ensure it is consistent with the latest DMC Watches
products, offers, discounts and vouchers 


• It is forbidden to bid on ‘DMC Watches’ ‘DeLorean’ or any other brand key words 


• In line with the 28-day refund policy DMC Watches will not validate any sale until the refund period has expired 


• DMC Watches reserve the right to withhold payment of commission on suspicious transactions 

Inactive Affiliates 

• Affiliates that fail to promote DMC Watches in some form and capacity or fail to register a click within any 60-day period may be
removed from the programme without notice 

Notice and Action 

• Affiliates agree to action and remedy any request that brings them back in accordance with the DMC Watches brand terms in no less than 7 UK working days. Exceptions to this rule are at the Affiliate Account Managers discretion 

Brand Ambassadorship 

• By joining DMC Watches affiliates are presumed to have readand understood the state DMC Watches brand terms and to promote the brand with high esteem and diligence to ensure these terms are enforced at all times.
Breach of terms DMC Watches reserve the right to withhold commission payments to any affiliate found to be in breach of these terms.